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Clubbell® Athletics is a collective effort between the Fisher Sisters and Scott Sonnon, creator of TACFIT and Circular Strength Training®.

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Club swinging is an ancient martial art. It's re-emergence as Scott Sonnon's Clubbell® is paving the road in health-first fitness culture.


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Where does Clubbell Athletics fit in with the other RMAX fitness systems?

  So many are drawn to Scott Sonnon’s work and the different fitness systems offered by RMAX. Wherever we travel, we always seem to get asked some variation of the following question: Where should I start, and where should I go next? In this post, we’ll attempt to address that question specifically from the perspective [...]

31 Aug, 2016 The Fisher Sisters

The 6th Sense

Have you heard of the 6th sense? No, I’m not talking about the ability to see dead people…I am talking about proprioception. Proprioception could also be referred to as kinesthetic awareness; essentially, the ability to sense positioning, movement and equilibrium within ones own body. Without proprioception, it wouldn’t be possible to touch your nose with [...]

27 May, 2016 The Fisher Sisters

Hyperextension Tension

Let’s talk about hyperextension for a moment. This is something that comes naturally for me, and some of us can easily fall into this pattern if we aren’t aware of what it is and how it feels.  I see it a lot in the yoga community due to deep pose holding. It wasn’t until I [...]

3 May, 2016 The Fisher Sisters