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Clubbell® Athletics is a collective effort between the Fisher Sisters and Scott Sonnon, creator of TACFIT and Circular Strength Training®.

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Club swinging is an ancient martial art. It's re-emergence as Scott Sonnon's Clubbell® is paving the road in health-first fitness culture.


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Own Your Breath

2017 is now upon us and as we’ve reflected on 2016, we noticed the term “stress” came up for a lot of people. Stress is the #1 killer these days, but is it really the stress itself that kills? Or is it how we choose to react or respond to the stress? When we react […]

1 Jan, 2017 The Fisher Sisters

CBA Instructor Spotlight – Charleen Hess (Bellingham, WA)

Clubbell Athletics attracts some of the most forward-minded, health-first fitness professionals in the industry. We’d like to take this opportunity to spotlight one, Charleen Hess, teaching out of Bellingham Washington. Here’s an interview between her and Head Coach, Emily Fisher.   Emily: How long have you been coaching with clubbells? CHARLEEN: I BEGAN MY CLUBBELL […]

28 Oct, 2016 The Fisher Sisters

First Level 2 CBA Coaches Announced

Three years ago we created the Clubbell Athletics certification course to give instructors the tools needed to safely take clubbells to the next level. We’ve watched as the community has grown and leaders have emerged. Both Gwint Fisher & Brie Helmuth have continually raised the bar, helping to proliferate clubbells by holding CBA workshops, and […]

11 Oct, 2016 The Fisher Sisters